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Go Origin, Lda. uses cookies, small text files which are stored on your device, according to the pages you visited, the first time you visit a webpage. These cookies are used to allow the more efficient operation of webpages and to provide information to webmasters in order to improve and customize each user’s experience, as well as to collect statistics.

Go Origin, Lda. uses the following types of cookies:
a)  Strictly necessary cookies – they allow the optimization of the webpage browsing, as well as allowing access to certain webpage secure areas by means of a login. These cookies offer access to services which you have requested specifically. 
b)  Analytical cookies – they anonymously collect information on how users use the webpage, for example, the most visited webpages. These cookies don’t collect information that allows a user to be identified. All collected information is aggregated and remains anonymous. They are used to monitor the performance and to improve the operation of the webpage.
c)   Functionality Cookies – they memorize the choices made by the users, in order to improve their user experience.
Cookies can be categorized according to their expiration date.
d)   Session Cookies – they are temporary and remain active until the session is finished. Afterwards, they are deleted after closing the browser. They are used to identify an individual session.
e)  Persistent Cookies – they are stored on the user’s device for different user sessions. They are not deleted after closing the browser, therefore becoming active every time the user visits a webpage.

If you wish, you may deactivate your browser’s cookies. However, their deactivation may prevent the webpage user experience from its full functionality.

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